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  Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture integrating R&D, production and sales of professional couplings, universal couplings, support seats, encoders, precision sliding tables, precision electric sliding tables, UVW precision pairs Production enterprises such as platform series, high-precision parts design, customization, and production.Committed to manufacturing high-precision, safe, reliable, and technologically leading transmission products, as well as high-precision non-standard couplings, transmission accessories and other customization.At present, the company's products have been sold to various countries in the world.Suitable for all kinds of ball screw, stepping, servo, encoder, machine tool transmission platform, reducer, micro-click and other equipment transmission connection; widely used in various types of military industry, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, automation equipment, CNC machine tools, lasers Machinery, elevators, paper machines, robots, hardware machinery, tobacco machinery, precision electronic equipment, packaging and printing and other industrial machinery and equipment.Hengli has sophisticated production equipment, experienced technical personnel, trained a group of excellent technical workers and diligent sales team, so as to ensure product quality and after-sales service.With the joint efforts of all Hengli colleagues and the support of partners, the company's performance has achieved rapid growth every year.We are convinced that Hengli will work together with all colleagues to continue to move towards the goal of long-term development and provide first-class service, first-class quality and first-class products. Hengli will become the most influential brand.

    The principle and characteristics of plum

      The working principle of the quincunx elastic coupling is to install an integral quincunx-shaped elastic ring between the claws of two half-couplings of the same shape to realize the connection of the two halves of the coupling.This coupling is widely used in water pumps, oil pumps, machine tools and other industries.The power is transmitted through the squeezing between the claw and the elastic ring, and the relative deviation of the two shafts is compensated by the elastic deformation of the elastic ring to achieve vibration reduction and buffering.The plum blossom flexible coupling belongs to the category of general mechanical parts. It is a mechanical part used to connect two shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) in different mechanisms so that they can rotate together to transmit torque.In the high-speed and heavy-duty power transmission, some quincunx bombs

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The effect of plum coupling on the power unit of diesel engine equipped with reduction gearbox
  Many friends don’t know much about the plum coupling. The editor of the diesel engine power unit shafting about its modification will give you a detailed explanation. Let’s continue to understand it. …
General requirements for installation and disassembly of expansion coupling sleeves
1. Preparatory work before connection 1.1. The size of the connecting piece shall be inspected according to the regulations. 1.2. The bonding surface must be free of dirt, corrosion and damage.After cleaning the surface and knots of the expansion sleeve...
Principle of Slider Coupling
  The slider coupling is also known as the metal slider coupling. Its slider is circular and made of steel or wear-resistant alloy. It is suitable for transmissions with low speed and large transmission torque.Oldham coupling...